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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackegPackage / CaseLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorWavelength (nm)Viewing AngleLens ColorROHSOperating Temperature RangeConfiguration
SLR-050L220-090Bi color 5mm Red-GreenDatasheetDetails
4185 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm50, 50Red-Green645,57250MilkyROHS-40 to +85
SLR-05-KUG2042C80Bi color 5mm WhiteDatasheetDetails
5900 In Stock
Min 5
_Through Hole5mm100Red-Green630,57060Water ClearROHS-20 to +80C.A
SLR-05-KUG4042A80Bi color 5mm Green-RedDatasheetDetails
4400 In Stock
Min 5
_Through Hole5mm100Red-Green630,57060Water ClearROHS-20 to +80C.A
SLR-05-KUG4042C80Bi color 5mm Green-RedDatasheetDetails
130 In Stock
Min 5
_Through Hole5mm100Red-GreenWater ClearROHS-20 to +80C.C
QLMP4082Bi color 5mm Red-GreenDatasheetDetails
1094 In Stock
Min 1
HPThrough Hole5mmRed-GreenROHS-20 to +80C.C