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The function of cables and wires is to transfer an electrical charge. There are many different types of cables and wires and many of them can be found in our SCR electronic components. The various types of cables are designed to create maximum suitability for the needs of the current and data transfer in the circuit. The rich selection we have to offer can reach this need. Here you will find PVC cable, network cable, flat cable, shield Category 5e FTP solid cable, and Shield Category 6 FTP solid cable, FPT Shielded Cat5e RJ45 Patch, FTP Shielded Cat6 RJ45 Patch, Insulated Hook-Up Wires Multi-Strand UL1007, 14 AWG to 28AWG, Flat Cable, gray and rainbow color. Wire wrapping 30AWG, AC Power Cords USA, EU, Israeli, and the UK, and more. The cables that come to us are carefully inspected by SCR's skilled staff and meet all required standards.


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)Manufacturerpa_core-wire-mm%c2%b2Diameter (AWG)Cable CategoryColorVoltage ratingConductor MaterialTemperature (Cº)Shrinking temperature (Cº)Length (meter/reel)Length (meter)Length (feet)Core wire (mm)External wire diameterNumber of ConductorsPitch (mm)ROHS
B-30-1000-BUWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
22 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-BWWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
72 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-GWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
141 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-GYWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
75 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-OWire wrapping
73 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-PWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
62 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-RWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
232 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-WWire wrappingDatasheetDetails
35 In Stock
Min 1
B-30-1000-YWire wrapping
42 In Stock
Min 1
HF09-R100-CNFlat cableDatasheetDetails
3 In Stock
Min 1
AUK, NK28Gray30010510091.27ROHS
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