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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerTermination StyleTolerance PPMPackagingPackage / CaseLoad CapacitanceFrequencyLengthWidthHeightROHS
Q11.057MHZ-SMDCrystals SMD 11.057MHZ 
3288 In Stock
Min 5
SMD20ppmTapeHC49US20pF11.057Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q11.0592-MHZ-SMD-HCrystals SMD 11.0592MHZ 
Out of stock
SMD30ppmTapeHC49US30pF11.0592Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q16.00MHZ-SMDCrystals 16.0004MHZ,16pF 30ppm 
Out of stock
SMD30ppmTapeHC49US16pF16.0004Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q11.0592Mhz-W-SMDCrystals SMD 11.0592MHZ 
Out of stock
SMD20ppmTapeHC49US20pF11.0592Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q12.000Mhz-H-SMDCrystals SMD 12.000MHZ DatasheetDetails
13 In Stock
Min 5
SMD30ppmTapeHC49US30pF12.000Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q12.000Mhz-SMD-TCrystals SMD 12.000MHZ DatasheetDetails
280 In Stock
Min 5
SMD30ppmTapeHC49US30pF12.000Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q12.000Mhz-W-SMDCrystals SMD 12.000MHZ DatasheetDetails
50 In Stock
Min 5
SMD20ppmTapeHC49US20pF12.000Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q14.7456MHZ-SMDCrystals SMD 14.7456MHZ 
3440 In Stock
Min 5
SMD20ppmTapeHC49US30pF14.7456Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q22.1184M SMDCrystals SMD 22.1184MHZ 
2000 In Stock
Min 5
SMD30ppmTapeHC49US30pF22.1184Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
Q3.579545Mhz-W-SMDCrystals SMD 3.579545MHZ 
1000 In Stock
Min 5
SMD20ppmTapeHC49US20pF3.579545Mhz11.3 mm4.6 mm4.3 mmROHS
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