PVC Wire (80 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerDiameter (AWG)ColorVoltage ratingConductor MaterialTemperature (Cº)Length (meter/reel)Length (meter)ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-BRPVC WireDatasheetDetails
14 In Stock
Min 1
16Brown300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-GRPVC WireDatasheetDetails
18 In Stock
Min 1
16Green300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-GYPVC WireDatasheetDetails
19 In Stock
Min 1
16Gray300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-ORPVC WireDatasheetDetails
4 In Stock
Min 1
16Orang300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-PKPVC WireDatasheetDetails
2 In Stock
Min 1
16Pink300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-PUPVC WireDatasheetDetails
4 In Stock
Min 1
16Purple300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-REPVC WireDatasheetDetails
23 In Stock
Min 1
16Red300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-WHPVC WireDatasheetDetails
4 In Stock
Min 1
16White300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-YEPVC WireDatasheetDetails
13 In Stock
Min 1
16Yellow300VTinned Copper801ROHS
UL1007-AWG16-YGPVC WireDatasheetDetails
1 In Stock
Min 1
16Yellow-Green300VTinned Copper801ROHS
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