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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSMounting StylePackegPackage / CaseOperating Supply Voltage (V)Interface TypeMemory SizeOrganizationAccess TimeData Bus WidthADC ResolutionMaximum Clock Frequency (KHz)
27C1024-120DCEPROM 1M bitDatasheetDetails
180 In Stock
Min 1
AMDThrough HoleDIP-4051Mbit64k x16120ns
27C128EPROM 128k bit (16Kx8)DatasheetDetails
42 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HoleDIP-285128Kbit16k x8
27C240Q-150EPROM 4M (262144x16)bit
180 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HolePDIP-4054Mbit262144x16bit150ns
27C64EPROM 64k bit (8Kx8)
1187 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HoleDIP-28564Kbit8k x 8
27C64N-150EPROM 64k bit (8Kx8)
66 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HoleDIP-28564Kbit64k x 8150ns
27C64Q-150EPROM 64k bit (8Kx8)
44 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HoleDIP-28564Kbit64k x 8150ns
AT27C256R-70PUEPROM 256k bit OTP
374 In Stock
Min 1
ATMELThrough HoleDIP-285256Kbit32k x870ns
AT29C010A-15JIFlash Memory 1-megabit
12 In Stock
Min 1
ATMELROHSSMD32PLCC-321 Megabit128K x 8 bit4.5-5.5120 ns
AT29C020-12JIFlash Memory 256K x 8
48 In Stock
Min 1
ATMELROHSSMD32PLCC-322 Megabit128K x 8 bit4.5-5.590ns
M29F010B70K6Flash Memory 1M (128Kx8) 70nsDatasheetDetails
640 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSSMDPLCC-324.5-5.5128K x 8 bit8-Bit
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