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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSMounting StylePackage / CaseCapacitanceVoltage Rating DC (V)Tolerance (%)Max Operating Temp ºcLead Spacing (mm)MaterialPackegLead length (mm)Case Diameter (mm)Case Height (mm)
CAPP-1.5NF/630V-7.5Capacitor polyester 1.5NF 630V
50 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk1.5NF630-40 to+857.5Polyester
CAPP-1.5NF100V-5Capacitor polyester 1.5NF 100V
290 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk1.5NF10020-40 to+855Polyester
CAPP-1.5NF630V-10Capacitor polyester 1.5NF 630V
252 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk1.5NF63010-40 to+8510Polyester
CAPP-1.5NF63V-5Capacitor polyester 1.5NF 63V
6835 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk1.5NF6310-40 to+855Polyester
CAPP-100NF100V-10Capacitor polyester 100NF 100V
5730 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk100NF1005-40 to+8510Polyester
CAPP-100NF100V-7.5Capacitor polyester 100NF 100V
180 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk100NF10010-40 to+857.5Polyester
CAPP-100NF400V-15Capacitor polyester 100NF 400V
80 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk100NF40010-40 to+8515Polyester
CAPP-10NF1600VCapacitor polyester 10NF 1600V
690 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk10NF160010-40 to+8522Polyester
CAPP-10NF250V-10Capacitor polyester 10NF 250V
1305 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk10NF25010-40 to+8510Polyester
CAPP-150NF/100V-JCapacitor polyester 150NF 100V
567 In Stock
Min 10
ROHSThrough HoleBulk150NF1005-40 to+8510Polyester
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