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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSMounting StylePackegPackage / CaseOperating Supply Voltage (V)Interface Type
82C251TDSMD can transceiverDatasheetDetails
50 In Stock
Min 1
AM85C30-8JCSerial Communations ControllerDatasheetDetails
4 In Stock
Min 1
AM85C30-8PCSerial Communations ControllerDatasheetDetails
37 In Stock
Min 1
DS1489AMQuad CMOS RS232 line receiverDatasheetDetails
536 In Stock
Min 5
MC145406Pdriver/receiver eia 232-e and ccitt v.28DatasheetDetails
40 In Stock
Min 1
MotorolaROHSThrough HoleCMOS
SN75113NDual Line DriversDatasheetDetails
570 In Stock
Min 1
TIROHSThrough Hole25PDIP-16
ADM202JRWRS-232 Driver/ReceiversDatasheetDetails
53 In Stock
Min 1
ADROHSThrough HoleDIP-164.5-5.5RS-232
DS14C89ATNQuad CMOS RS232 line receiver
182 In Stock
Min 1
NSCROHSThrough HolePDIP-14RS-232
MAX1488ECSDQuad RS-232 Line DriverDatasheetDetails
74 In Stock
Min 1
MAXIMROHSSMDSOIC-14 Narrow4.5-13.2RS-232
MAX1489ECSDQuad RS-232 Line ReceiverDatasheetDetails
54 In Stock
Min 1
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