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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerOutput Voltage (Vdc)Operating Temperature COutput Current (A)Input Voltage Rating AC (V)Output Current Rating (A)Output Voltage Rating (V)Dimension WxHxDLxWxH (mm)ROHSInput Frequency (Hz)Isolation Voltage (Kvac)Weight (Kg)DisplayBack light
PS3003Adjustable LAB Switching power supply 
Out of stock
Min 1
PS3005Adjustable LAB Switching power supply 
Out of stock
Min 1
KFS100-12Switching Power Supplies 100W 12V 8.5A 
14 In Stock
Min 1
12-30~708.5 129*97*30ROHS47/633
KFS100-24Switching Power Supplies 100W 24V 4.5A 
6 In Stock
Min 1
24-30~704.5 129*97*30ROHS47/633
KFS150-12Switching Power Supplies 150W 12V12.5A 
Out of stock
Min 1
12-30~7012.5 159*97*30ROHS47/633
KFS150-24Switching Power Supplies 150W 24V 6.5A 
Out of stock
Min 1
24-30~706.5 159*97*30ROHS47/633
KFS35-12Switching Power Supplies 35W 12V 3A 
13 In Stock
Min 1
KFS35-24Switching Power Supplies 35W 24V 1.5A 
8 In Stock
Min 1
24-30~701.5 99*82*30ROHS47/633
KFS50-12Switching Power Supplies 50W 12V 4.2A 
14 In Stock
Min 1
12-30~704.2 99*82*30ROHS47/633
KFS50-24Switching Power Supplies 50W 24V 2.1A 
9 In Stock
Min 1
24-30~702.1 99*82*30ROHS47/633
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