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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerCurrent - SurgeRated Temp (Cº)Breakdown voltage Min (V)Breakdown voltage Max (V)Peak Surge Current (A)Clamping Voltage (V)Mounting StylePackage / CaseOperating Voltage (V)Voltage Rating DC (V)Voltage Rating AC (V)ROHSMultiple part numberCase Diameter (mm)Surge Energy RatingCurrent Rating (A)
F20N-010HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 1A 250VDatasheetDetails
150 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-013HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 1.25A 250VDatasheetDetails
925 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-0200HMicroFuse Very fast-Acting 200mA 250VDatasheetDetails
500 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-020HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 2A 250VDatasheetDetails
150 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-030HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 3A 250VDatasheetDetails
925 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-0315HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 315mA 250VDatasheetDetails
1350 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-0400HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 400mA 250VDatasheetDetails
700 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-040HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 4A 250VDatasheetDetails
250 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-0500HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 500mA 250VDatasheetDetails
450 In Stock
Min 1
F20N-050HMicroFuse Very fast Acting 5A 250VDatasheetDetails
1060 In Stock
Min 1
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