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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerTermination StyleActuator OrientationMounting StyleColorPackegInsulator colorCurrent Rating (A)Voltage Rating (V)ROHSProductLead Spacing (mm)Contact FormNumber of PositionsActuator TypeIllumination Type ColorIllumination Voltage (v)OperationL (mm)w (mm)Angle of ThrowSwitch FunctionActuator Length (mm)
2800 In Stock
Min 1
ROHSTact Switch
TC1042-03-12SMT tact switch 6*6*12 black polybagDatasheetDetails
879 In Stock
Min 1
SMDBlack0.0512ROHSSMT tact switc 6X6N/O12
TC1042-03-13SMT tact switch 6*6*13 black polybagDatasheetDetails
1470 In Stock
Min 1
SMDBlack0.0512ROHSSMT tact switc 6X6N/O13
TS-0108Tact Switch 6X6DatasheetDetails
1100 In Stock
Min 1
ROHSTact SwitchN/O9.5
TS-0113Tact Switch 6X6DatasheetDetails
4555 In Stock
Min 1
ROHSTact SwitchN/O11
TS-0202Tact Switch 6X6DatasheetDetails
573 In Stock
Min 1
ROHSTact SwitchN/O4.3
TS-0203Tact Switch 6X6DatasheetDetails
4580 In Stock
Min 1
ROHSTact SwitchN/O5
TS-0208Tact Switch 6X6DatasheetDetails
348 In Stock
Min 1
ROHSTact SwitchN/O9.5
TSC1274-02-BSwitch Cover Round BlueDatasheetDetails
2140 In Stock
Min 1
BlueROHSSwitch Cover Round
TSC1274-02-RSwitch Cover Round RedDatasheetDetails
3090 In Stock
Min 1
RedROHSSwitch Cover Round
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