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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerVoltage Rating AC (V)Current Rating (A)Mounting StyleInsulator colorROHSNumber of PositionsTermination Style
AC-14IEC Fuse
30 In Stock
Min 1
25010Panel Mount, Snap-InBlackROHS
JB-676/BIEC MaleDatasheetDetails
82 In Stock
Min 1
25010BlackROHSSolder Tab
JB-677/BIEC FemaleDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
25010BlackROHSSolder Tab
JB-699/BIEC FuseDatasheetDetails
149 In Stock
Min 1
25010Panel Mount, Snap-InBlackROHSSolder Tab
K24.828 BLUEBinding post Blue M4DatasheetDetails
90 In Stock
Min 1
K24.828 GREENBinding post Green M4DatasheetDetails
160 In Stock
Min 1
K24.828 REDBinding post Red M4DatasheetDetails
150 In Stock
Min 1
K24.828 YELLOWBinding post Yellow M4DatasheetDetails
190 In Stock
Min 1
K24.828-4 BLACKBinding post Black M4DatasheetDetails
147 In Stock
Min 1
K24.828-5 BLACKBinding post Black M5DatasheetDetails
198 In Stock
Min 1
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