Multiturn Precision Potentiometer (15 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleResistancePower Rating (W)Number of TurnsROHSSeries
3590S-202Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
11 In Stock
Min 1
3590S-203Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
2 In Stock
Min 1
534-203Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
4 In Stock
Min 1
534-204Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
7 In Stock
Min 1
534-501Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
13 In Stock
Min 1
68S-M-101Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
3 In Stock
Min 1
68S-M-102Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
98 In Stock
Min 1
68S-M-103Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
103 In Stock
Min 1
68S-M-104Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
68S-M-201Multi-Turn PotentiometerDatasheetDetails
14 In Stock
Min 1
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