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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StylePackegPackage / CaseROHSCapacitanceVoltage Rating DC (V)Tolerance (%)Load Life (h)Case Diameter (mm)Case Height (mm)Max Operating Temp ºcLead length (mm)Lead Spacing (mm)Case Code - inCLASSMaterial
CAPE-1000MF/25VCap Elec 1000µF 25V
47 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS1000uF251841
CAPE-10MF/250VCap Elec 10µF 250V
40 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS10uF2501218
CAPE-10MF/450VCap Elec 10µF 450V
100 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS10uF450
CAPE-10MF/450V.Cap Elec 10µF 450V
149 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS10uF4501626
CAPE-1MF/100VCap Elec 1µF 100V
77 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS1uF1005.512
CAPE-220MF/35VCap Elec 220µF 35V
19 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS220uF351012.5
CAPE-22MF/400VCap Elec 22µF 400V
440 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS22uF4001632
CAPE-270MF/100VCap Elec 270µF 100V
100 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS270uF1001820
CAPE-4.7MF-160VCap Elec 4.7µF 160V
1245 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS4.7uF1601013
CAPE-47MF/160VCap Elec 47µF 160V
168 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleBulkROHS47uF1601324
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