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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSContact FormCoil VoltageMaximum Switching Current (A)Power ConsumptionLoad Voltage RatingCoil TypeOutput DeviceControl Voltage Range
891WP-11A-C-12VDCPower Relays-PCB+TerminalDatasheetDetails
486 In Stock
Min 1
Song ChuanROHS1N/O12VDC250.9W
942-1C-240AS-HAC Coil Power RelaysDatasheetDetails
260 In Stock
Min 1
Hsin DaROHS1C/O220VAC120.54W
NT75-2CS-8-DC6V0.41-5-HPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
1508 In Stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS2C/O6VDC80.41W
NT75-2CS-8DC24V0.41-5-HPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
660 In Stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS2C/O24VDC80.41W
NT75-2CS-8DC48V0.41-6Power Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
1367 In Stock
Min 1
forward relay2C/O48VDC48
NT75-CS-12DC06V0.41-3.5-HPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
1050 In Stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS1C/O6VDC120.41W
NT75-CS-12DC12V0.41-3.5-HPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS1C/O12VDC120.41W
NT75-CS-12DC24V0.41-3.5-HPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS1C/O24VDC120.41W
NT75-CS-12DC48V0.41-3.5-HPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
2530 In Stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS1C/O48VDC120.41W
JW1FSN-DC5VPower Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
600 In Stock
Min 1
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