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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSContact FormMaximum Switching Current (A)Coil VoltagePower Consumption
792-1C-C-12V-HAutomotive RelaysDatasheetDetails
715 In Stock
Min 1
Song ChuanROHS1C/O3012VDC0.5W
FRA2C-S-24VDCAutomotive RelaysDatasheetDetails
91 In Stock
Min 1
forward relayROHS1C/O4024VDC1.6W
FRA3C-S-DC24VAutomotive Relays PCBDatasheetDetails
90 In Stock
Min 1
Ningbo forwardROHS1C/O1524VDC1.2W
FRA3W-S-DC24VDCAutomotive Relays PCBDatasheetDetails
99 In Stock
Min 1
Ningbo forwardROHS1 FORM W1524VDC1.2W
N4100CHAutomotive Relays PCBDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
Forward relaysROHS1C/O3
NV23KC-S-20-DC12V-057Power Relays-PCBDatasheetDetails
1360 In Stock
Min 1