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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleTransistor PolarityTransistor TypeMax DC Collector Current (A)ROHSConfigurationContinuous Drain CurrentDrain-Source Breakdown VolRds OnPackegPackage / CaseCollector Emitter V VCEO MaxPower Dissipation (W)
2N7002LT1GMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
Out of stock (Only multiples of 3000)
Min 3000
IRF3205MOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
290 In Stock
Min 10
IRThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS110550.008TO-220200
IRF540NPBFMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
Through HoleN-ChannelROHS331000.044TO-220125
IRF640NPBFMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
2950 In Stock
Min 5
IRThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS182000.15TO-220150
IRF740PBFMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
50 In Stock
Min 1
VISHAYThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS104000.5550TO-220125
IRF830PBFMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
750 In Stock
Min 1
VISHAYThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS4.65001.5TO-22174
IRF840PBFMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
VISHAYThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS8.75000.85TO-220134
MMBF170LT1GMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 3000
PIRF830PBFMOSFET N-ChannelDatasheetDetails
55 In Stock
Min 1
VISHAYThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS4.55001.5TO-22074
1000 In Stock
Min 1
ONThrough HoleN-ChannelROHS1600TO-251
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