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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleVoltage Rating AC (V)ROHSMultiple part numberCurrent Rating (A)
JK30-090-HPoliSwitch 0.9A 30V 0.6W P=5DatasheetDetails
1500 In Stock
Min 5
Through Hole30VWY0.9A
JK60-050PoliSwitch PTC 0.5A 60VDatasheetDetails
450 In Stock
Min 5
Through Hole60VWY0.5A
PSM110MF-11RBResettable Fuse 30VAc 1.1ADatasheetDetails
880 In Stock
Min 5
PSM150MF-11RBResettable Fuse 30VAc 1.5ADatasheetDetails
900 In Stock
Min 5
PSM300MS-11SBResettable Fuse 30VAc 3ADatasheetDetails
2000 In Stock
Min 5
PSM400MS-11SBResettable Fuse 30VAc 4ADatasheetDetails
1400 In Stock
Min 5
PSM700MS-11SBResettable Fuse 30VAc 7ADatasheetDetails
1210 In Stock
Min 5
PSN010MF-11RBResettable Fuse 60V 0.1ADatasheetDetails
3550 In Stock
Min 5
PSN020-T4MF-11RBResettable Fuse130V 0.2A 0.75OHMDatasheetDetails
184 In Stock
Min 5
PSN040-T4MS-11RBResettable Fuse 180V 0.4A 0.75OHMDatasheetDetails
1249 In Stock
Min 5
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