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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSMounting StylePackage / CaseOperating Supply Voltage (V)Memory SizeAccess Time
HY6264ALP-108kx8Bit low power SRAMDatasheetDetails
300 In Stock
Min 1
HYUNDAIROHSThrough HoleDIP-282 to 5.564Kbit100ns
PCD5101Bit statIc ram 256x4bitDatasheetDetails
1779 In Stock
Min 1
PHILIPSROHSThrough HoleDIP-221Kbit150ns
PCF8570256 x 8-bit static RAM with I2C-bus interfaceDatasheetDetails
253 In Stock
Min 1
UT6264CPCL-70LL8kx8Bit low power SRAMDatasheetDetails
120 In Stock
Min 1
UTRONROHSThrough HoleDIP-284.5 to 5.564Kbit70ns
330 In Stock
Min 1
UTRONThrough HoleDIP-28256Kbit
UT6264CSC-70LL8K X 8 STATIC RAMDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
W24257-70LL32kx8Bit low power SRAMDatasheetDetails
155 In Stock
Min 1
WINBONDROHSThrough HoleDIP-285256Kbit70ns