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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StylePackage / CaseROHSCapacitanceVoltage Rating DC (V)Tolerance (%)Load Life (h)Case Diameter (mm)Case Height (mm)Max Operating Temp ºcLead length (mm)Lead Spacing (mm)
KM010M200C110Cap Elec 1µF 200VDatasheetDetails
3568 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleROHS1uF200202000511105152
KM010M400F115Cap Elec 1µF 400VDatasheetDetails
7835 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleROHS1uF400202000811.5105153.5
KM2R2M050C110ACap Elec 2.2µF 50VDatasheetDetails
6880 In Stock
Min 10
Through Hole2.2uF50202000811.5105153.5
KM2R2M063C110Cap Elec 2.2µF 63VDatasheetDetails
3500 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleROHS2.2uF63202000511105152
KM2R2M200E110Cap Elec 2.2µF 200VDatasheetDetails
1800 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleROHS2.2uF2002020006.311105152.5
KM2R2M250F115Cap Elec 2.2µF 250VDatasheetDetails
6135 In Stock
Min 10
Through Hole2.2uF250202000811.5105153.5
KM100M100E110Cap Elec 10µF 100VDatasheetDetails
780 In Stock
Min 10
Through HoleROHS10uF1002020006.311105152.5
KM100M160E110Cap Elec 10µF 160VDatasheetDetails
1236 In Stock
Min 10
Through Hole10uF1602020001016105155
KM100M160E110ACap Elec 10µF 160VDatasheetDetails
2800 In Stock
Min 10
Through Hole10uF1602020001012.5105155
KM2R2M400F115Cap Elec 2.2µF 400VDatasheetDetails
913 In Stock
Min 10
Through Hole2.2uF400202000511.5105152
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