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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackage / CaseROHSCapacitanceVoltage Rating DC (V)Tolerance (%)Max Operating Temp ºcLead Spacing (mm)Material
PPS-1200PF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
15000 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS1200PF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-150PF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
2110 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS150PF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-150PF/2000VMetallized Polypropylene 2KV
6200 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS150PF2000V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-180PF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
4500 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS180PF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-2.2NF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
1000 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS2.2NF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-2.2NF/2000VMetallized Polypropylene 2KV
660 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS2.2NF2000V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-3.3NF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
600 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS3.3NF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-3.9NF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
781 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS3.9NF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-4.7NF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
500 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS4.7NF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
PPS-5.6NF/1600VMetallized Polypropylene 1.6KV
730 In Stock
Min 10
BulkROHS5.6NF1600V10-40 to 8515Polypropylene
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