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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPlatingInsulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Mounting AngleNumber of RowsNumber of PositionsGender
HDS15P-H:High Density D-SUB 15P Male SolderDatasheetDetails
850 In Stock
Min 1
NKSelective GoldBlackROHS2.29180315Male
HDS15S-H:High Density D-SUB 15P Female SolderDatasheetDetails
675 In Stock
Min 1
Selective GoldBlackROHS2.29180315Female
HDS26P-H:High Density D-SUB 26P Male SolderDatasheetDetails
280 In Stock
Min 1
NKSelective GoldBlackROHS2.29180326Male
HDS26STHigh Density D-SUB 26P Female SolderDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
NKSelective GoldBlackROHS2.29180326Female
HDS44P-H:High Density D-SUB 44P Male SolderDatasheetDetails
485 In Stock
Min 1
NKSelective GoldBlackROHS2.29180344Male
HDS44S-H:High Density D-SUB 44P Female SolderDatasheetDetails
138 In Stock
Min 1
NKSelective GoldBlackROHS2.29180344Female