AU508 5.08mm Series (5 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerVoltage Rating AC (V)Current Rating (A)PlatingInsulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Mounting AngleNumber of RowsNumber of PositionsMaterialGender
AU508100TC0515.08mm Terminal brass Tin pre-plated FemaleDatasheetDetails
6100 In Stock
Min 10
AU508200TC0515.08mm Terminal brass Tin pre-plated maleDatasheetDetails
10190 In Stock
Min 10
AU508204HA0015.08mm Housing 4Pin
2000 In Stock
Min 10
2505WhiteROHS5.0818014Nylon 66Female
AU508304WR0515.08mm right angle Wafer 4P male
904 In Stock
Min 10
AU508304WV0515.08mm vertical Wafer 4P
950 In Stock
Min 10