MIF 3.0mm Series (93 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerVoltage Rating AC (V)Current Rating (A)PlatingInsulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Mounting AngleNumber of RowsNumber of PositionsWire Range (AWG)Insulation O.D (mm)MaterialConnection TypeGender
MIF1X03PDP3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 1X03DatasheetDetails
9928 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318013Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X01PDP-H3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 2X01DatasheetDetails
1825 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318022Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X01PRP3mm Micro Fit 90 Wafer 2X01DatasheetDetails
2990 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS39022Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X02PDP3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 2X02DatasheetDetails
315 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318024Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X02PDP-H3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 2X02DatasheetDetails
3760 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318024Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X02PRP3mm Micro Fit 90 Wafer 2X02DatasheetDetails
2040 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS39024Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X03PDP3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 2X03DatasheetDetails
5874 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318026Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X03PRP3mm Micro Fit 90 Wafer 2X03DatasheetDetails
800 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS39026Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X04PDP3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 2X04DatasheetDetails
70 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318028Micro-Fit compatible
MIF2X04PDP-W3mm Micro-Fit 180 Wafer 2X04DatasheetDetails
1174 In Stock
Min 10
2505TinBlackROHS318028Micro-Fit compatible
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