MKZ 2.54mm Series (22 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerVoltage Rating AC (V)Current Rating (A)PlatingInsulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Mounting AngleNumber of RowsNumber of PositionsWire Range (AWG)Insulation O.D (mm)MaterialConnection TypeGender
MKZ00TC3512.54mm terminal phosphor
2455 In Stock
Min 10
3TinROHS2.54AWG #26~#220.9-1.65F.BronzeBoard to WireFemale
MKZ02HA0012.54mm housing 2P Female
1000 In Stock
Min 10
2503BeigeROHS2.5418012Board to WireFemale
MKZ02WR0012.54mm Wafer 2P 90 Male
410 In Stock
Min 10
2503TinBeigeROHS2.549012Board to WireMale
MKZ02WV0012.54mm S/T Wafer 2P 180 Male
450 In Stock
Min 10
2503TinBeigeROHS2.5418012Board to WireMale
MKZ03HA0012.54mm housing 3P Female
2000 In Stock
Min 10
2503BeigeROHS2.5418013Board to WireFemale
MKZ03WR0012.54mm Wafer 3P 90 Male
360 In Stock
Min 10
2503TinBeigeROHS2.549013Board to WireMale
MKZ03WV0012.54mm S/T Wafer 3P 180 Male
440 In Stock
Min 10
2503TinBeigeROHS2.5418013Board to WireMale
MKZ04HA0012.54mm housing 4P Female
1150 In Stock
Min 10
2503BeigeROHS2.5418014Board to WireFemale
MKZ04WR0012.54mm Wafer 4P 90 Male
470 In Stock
Min 10
2503TinBeigeROHS2.549014Board to WireMale
MKZ04WV0012.54mm S/T Wafer 4P 180 Male
3820 In Stock
Min 10
2503TinBeigeROHS2.5418014Board to WireMale
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