PVK Housing Single Row 180 (10 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerInsulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Mounting AngleNumber of RowsNumber of PositionsConnection Type
PVK2X022.54mm PV slim type housing 2X02DatasheetDetails
2150 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical24Board to Wire
PVK2X032.54mm PV slim type housing 2X03DatasheetDetails
590 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical26Board to Wire
PVK2X042.54mm PV slim type housing 2X04DatasheetDetails
1455 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical28Board to Wire
PVK2X052.54mm PV 2X05 HSG/BUMP BK/BGDatasheetDetails
1316 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical210Board to Wire
PVK2X062.54mm PV slim type housing 2X06DatasheetDetails
1519 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical212Board to Wire
PVK2X072.54mm PV 2X07 HSG/BUMP BK/BGDatasheetDetails
1153 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical214Board to Wire
PVK2X082.54mm PV slim type housing 2X08DatasheetDetails
1125 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical216Board to Wire
PVK2X092.54mm PV slim type housing 2X09DatasheetDetails
500 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical218Board to Wire
PVK2X102.54mm PV slim type housing 2X10DatasheetDetails
950 In Stock
Min 10
BlackROHS2.54vertical220Board to Wire
PVT2.54mm terminal brass, tin pre-plated
9450 In Stock
Min 10
Board to Wire