DIP PLCC IC Socket (9 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StylePlatingROHSNumber of Positions
PLD124IC Socket PLCC 124PINDatasheetDetails
Out of stock
_Through HoleGoldROHS124
PLD20IC Socket PLCC 20PINDatasheetDetails
388 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS20
PLD28IC Socket PLCC 28PINDatasheetDetails
640 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS28
PLD32-GIC Socket PLCC32PINDatasheetDetails
400 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS32
PLD32-H:IC Socket PLCC 32PDatasheetDetails
1642 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS32
PLD44-H:IC Socket PLCC 44PDatasheetDetails
1544 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS44
PLD52IC Socket PLCC 52PINDatasheetDetails
32 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS52
PLD68IC Socket PLCC 68PINDatasheetDetails
367 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS68
PLD84IC Socket PLCC 84PINDatasheetDetails
240 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleTinROHS84