Shrouded Header LRXX 90˚Series (8 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting Angle (deg)Insulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Number of RowsNumber of PositionsGenderTermination Style
LR10-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,10Ps Long Ejector W/W
70 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54210MaleThrough Hole
LR14-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,14Ps Long Ejector W/W
66 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54214MaleThrough Hole
LR16-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,16Ps Long Ejector W/W
72 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54216MaleThrough Hole
LR20-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,20Ps Long Ejector W/W
100 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54220MaleThrough Hole
LR26-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,26Ps Long Ejector W/W
36 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54226MaleThrough Hole
LR34-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,34Ps Long Ejector W/W
100 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54234MaleThrough Hole
LR40-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,40Ps Long Ejector W/W
100 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54240MaleThrough Hole
LR60-13-902.54mm Box header 90˚,60Ps Long Ejector W/W
102 In Stock
Min 1
90BlackROHS2.54260MaleThrough Hole