FC20XX W/O Strain relife Series (4 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting Angle (deg)Insulator colorROHSLead Spacing (mm)Number of RowsNumber of PositionsGenderTermination Style
FC2006T2.54mm IDC Socket W/o Strin/relief 6pinDatasheetDetails
1515 In Stock
Min 1
180BlackROHS2.5426FemaleThrough Hole
FC2008T2.54mm IDC Socket W/o Strin/relief 8pinDatasheetDetails
20 In Stock
Min 1
180ROHS2.5428FemaleThrough Hole
FC2016T2.54mm IDC Socket W/o Strin/relief 16pinDatasheetDetails
5800 In Stock
Min 1
180ROHS2.54216FemaleThrough Hole
FC2026T2.54mm IDC Socket W/o Strin/relief 26pinDatasheetDetails
58 In Stock
Min 1
180BlackROHS2.54226FemaleThrough Hole