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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackegLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorWavelength (nm)Face colorLens ColorROHSOperating Temperature Range
A-2304ERed ArrowDatasheetDetails
399 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleRed635RedRedROHS-20 to +80
A-2304EGGreen&Red ArrowDatasheetDetails
132 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole12,10Red-Green622,570BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80
CMS-1180225-HRed ArrowDatasheetDetails
2485 In Stock
Min 1
sharlightThrough Hole38Red631RedRedROHS-20 to +80
CMS-913-HRed ArrowDatasheetDetails
9 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole40Red631BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80
LY1174A-HR-RRRNRed Arrow
157 In Stock
Min 1
_Through HoleRedRedRedROHS-20 to +80