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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackegPackage / CaseLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorWavelength (nm)Face colorLens ColorROHSOperating Temperature RangeConfiguration
CM1-0301500-H7 Segment Single Digit 0.3"DatasheetDetails
992 In Stock
Min 1
sharlightThrough Hole0.3in50Red631RedRedROHS-20 to +80C.A
CM1-30025007 Segment Single Digit 3"DatasheetDetails
70 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole3in50Red640BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80C.A
CM1-4002L08-P8WGWP-H7 Segment Single Digit 4"DatasheetDetails
225 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole4in68Red660RedWhiteROHS-20 to +80
CM1-5002K00-P8BGWP-H7 Segment Single Digit 5"DatasheetDetails
25 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole5in68Red640BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80
CM1-7002G00-SHA7 Segment Single Digit 7"DatasheetDetails
1 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole7in55Green570BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80
E14001-G-A7 Segment Single Digit 4"DatasheetDetails
5 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole4inRed655BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80C.A
E15001-G-A7 Segment Single Digit 5"DatasheetDetails
5 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole5inRed640BlackWhiteROHS-20 to +80C.A
5082-76567 Segment Single Digit 0.43" +-1DatasheetDetails
577 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole0.43 ±1in980Red650RedRed Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
5082-76637 Segment Single Digit 0.43"DatasheetDetails
2727 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole0.43inYellow583YellowYellowROHS-20 to +80C.C
5082-76667 Segment Single Digit 0.43" +-1DatasheetDetails
310 In Stock
Min 1
_Through Hole0.43 ±1inYellow583YellowYellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
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