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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackegPackage / CaseLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorWavelength (nm)Viewing AngleLens ColorROHSOperating Temperature RangeConfiguration
SLR-050240-5335mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
1805 In Stock
Min 5
_Through Hole5mm500Yellow590Water ClearROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050610-34415mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
40 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm45Yellow59060Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050610-4145mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
4340 In Stock
Min 5
_Through Hole5mm63Yellow59060Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050612-4745mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
14000 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm170Yellow59060Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050612-47415mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
220 In Stock
Min 5
_Through Hole5mm100Yellow59030Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050612-47475mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
285 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm100Yellow59030Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050640-6345mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
130 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm4500Yellow59015Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050640-6445mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
3535 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm5800Yellow59015Water ClearROHS-20 to +80
SLR-050640-6745mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
450 In Stock (Only multiples of 5)
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm12000Yellow59015Water ClearROHS-20 to +80
SLR-05WW40-690-H5mm White Round LEDDatasheetDetails
2710 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole5mm25000White15Water ClearROHS-20 to +80
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