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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSForward Current (A)Forward Voltage (V)Peak Reverse Voltage (V)Max Surge Current (A)Mounting StylePackegPackage / Case
B4SBridge Rectifiers 400V 0.5ADatasheetDetails
Out of stock
Min 1
ROHS0.5400Through Hole
Bridge Rectifiers 400V 3ADatasheetDetails
880 In Stock
Min 1
ROHS3400Through Hole
BR3510Bridge Rectifiers 1000V 35ADatasheetDetails
225 In Stock
Min 1
ROHS351000Through Hole
BR38Bridge Rectifiers 800V 3ADatasheetDetails
975 In Stock
Min 1
ROHS3800Through Hole
DB104Bridge Rectifiers 400V 1ADatasheetDetails
3300 In Stock
Min 5
ROHS1400Through Hole
DB104SBridge Rectifiers 400V 1ADatasheetDetails
5986 In Stock
Min 5
ROHS1400Through Hole
DB104S-EZBridge Rectifiers 400V 1ADatasheetDetails
611 In Stock
ROHS1400Through Hole
DB107Bridge Rectifiers 1000V 1ADatasheetDetails
350 In Stock
Min 5
ROHS11000Through Hole
DL005Bridge Rectifiers 50V 1ADatasheetDetails
996 In Stock
Min 5
ROHS150Through Hole
GBU8GBridge Rectifiers 400V 8ADatasheetDetails
2000 In Stock
Min 1
ROHS8400Through Hole
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