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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSForward Current (A)Forward Voltage (V)Peak Reverse Voltage (V)Max Surge Current (A)Recovery Time (nSec)Mounting StylePackegPackage / Case
UF4003Rectifiers 200V 1A RectifierDatasheetDetails
36380 In Stock (Only multiples of 20)
Min 20
DCROHS112003050Through Hole5000DO-41
UF4007Rectifiers1000V 1A RectifierDatasheetDetails
5400 In Stock (Only multiples of 20)
Min 20
DCROHS11.710003075Through Hole5000DO-41
UF5402Rectifiers 200V 3A RectifierDatasheetDetails
500 In Stock (Only multiples of 20)
Min 20
DCROHS31.720015050Through HoleDO-27
UF5408Rectifiers1000V 3A RectifierDatasheetDetails
1000 In Stock (Only multiples of 20)
Min 20
DCROHS31.71000150100Through HoleDO-27