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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSMounting StylePackegPackage / CaseSupply Voltage - Max (V)Logic Type
CD4001BELogic Gates Quad 2-In NORDatasheetDetails
325 In Stock
Min 5
TIThrough Hole25PDIP-143-18CMOS
CD4006BECounter Shift Registers 18-StageDatasheetDetails
50 In Stock
Min 10
CD40097BDM2-Bit/4-Bit Buffer/DriverDatasheetDetails
45 In Stock
Min 10
NSCROHSThrough Hole3-18CMOS
GD4006BCounter Shift Registers 18-StageDatasheetDetails
19 In Stock
Min 10
GSROHSThrough Hole3-18CMOS
HCF4006BECounter Shift Registers 18-StageDatasheetDetails
23 In Stock
Min 10
STROHSThrough Hole3-18CMOS
HCF40100BE32-stage left/right shift regisDatasheetDetails
520 In Stock
Min 10
STROHSThrough Hole3-18CMOS
40106BCNInverters Hex Schmitt TriggerDatasheetDetails
48 In Stock
Min 10
PhilipsROHSThrough Hole1000PDIP-143-18CMOS
CD40106BEInverters Hex Schmitt TriggerDatasheetDetails
450 In Stock
Min 5
TIROHSThrough Hole25PDIP-143-18CMOS
CD40107BEdual 2-input nand driverDatasheetDetails
150 In Stock
Min 5
RCAROHSThrough Hole50PDIP-83-18CMOS
CD4011BEQuad 2-Input NAND GateDatasheetDetails
800 In Stock
Min 5
TIROHSThrough Hole25PDIP-143-18CMOS
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