TO-220 PNP (12 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSTransistor PolarityMax DC Collector Current (A)Transistor TypeMounting StylePackegPackage / CaseCollector Emitter V VCEO MaxPower Dissipation (W)
2SB536-90Bipolar Transistors - PNPDatasheetDetails
792 In Stock
Min 1
MECROHSPNP1.5Through HoleTO-22012020
BDX34CBipolar Transistors - PNP High PowerDatasheetDetails
90 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSPNP8Through Hole50TO-22010060
BDX54CDarlington Transistors PNP Power DarlingtonDatasheetDetails
170 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSPNP10DarlingtonThrough Hole50TO-22010070
MJE2955Bipolar Transistors - NPN High Power
550 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSPNP10Through Hole50TO-2206075
MJE30Bipolar Transistors - PNP Medium Power
200 In Stock
Min 1
MotorolaROHSPNP1Through HoleTO-2204030
TIP115Darlington Transistors PNPDatasheetDetails
50 In Stock
Min 1
MotorolaROHSPNP2DarlingtonThrough HoleTO-220602
TIP115.Darlington Transistors PNPDatasheetDetails
1200 In Stock
Min 1
SMROHSPNP2DarlingtonThrough Hole100TO-220602
TIP117Darlington Transistors PNPDatasheetDetails
665 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSPNP4DarlingtonThrough HoleTO-22010050
TIP127Darlington Transistors PNPDatasheetDetails
397 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSPNP8DarlingtonThrough Hole50TO-22010070
TIP127.Darlington Transistors PNP
1000 In Stock
STPNP8DarlingtonThrough HoleTO-220100
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