TO-92 NPN (37 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleTransistor PolarityMax DC Collector Current (A)ROHSTransistor TypePackegPackage / CaseCollector Emitter V VCEO MaxPower Dissipation (W)
2N3417Bipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
660 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HoleNPN0.5ROHSTO-92500.36
2N3710Bipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
2150 In Stock
Min 1
TIThrough HoleNPN0.03ROHSTO-92300.36
2N3904BUBipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
3900 In Stock
Min 1
FAIRCHILDThrough HoleNPN100ROHSTO-92400.35
2N4400Bipolar Transistors - PNP General PurposeDatasheetDetails
38 In Stock
Min 1
MOTThrough HoleNPN0.6ROHSTO-92400.35
2N4401-ABipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
7040 In Stock
Min 1
HI-SINThrough HoleNPN0.6ROHS500TO-92400.35
2N4401Bipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
13320 In Stock
Min 1
NSCThrough HoleNPN0.6ROHSTO-92400.35
2N4401.Bipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
1100 In Stock
Min 1
SAMThrough HoleNPN0.6ROHSTO-92400.35
2N5551Bipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
2680 In Stock
Min 1
FAIRCHILDThrough HoleNPN0.6ROHS1000TO-921600.35
BC207BBipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
850 In Stock
Min 1
CDILThrough HoleNPN0.1ROHSTO-92450.2
BC237BBipolar Transistors - NPN General PurposeDatasheetDetails
775 In Stock
Min 1
DCThrough HoleNPN0.1ROHS1000TO-92450.35
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