3mm Green Round LED (6 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSPackegPackage / CaseLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorWavelength (nm)Viewing AngleLens ColorOperating Temperature RangeConfiguration
SLR-030210-47313mm Green Round LEDDatasheetDetails
2400 In Stock
Min 5
_ROHSThrough Hole3mm100Green57030Green-20 to +80L=5mm
SLR-030212-4733mm Green Round LEDDatasheetDetails
12370 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm100Green57230Green Diffused -20 to +80
SLR-030G40-0403mm Green Round LEDDatasheetDetails
18890 In Stock
Min 5
_ROHSThrough Hole3mm200Green56935Water Clear-20 to +80
SLR-03NG30-841S3mm Green Round LEDDatasheetDetails
795 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm4000Green52530Water Clear-20 to +80
SLR-03NG40-6813mm Green Round LEDDatasheetDetails
15000 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm18000Green52515Water Clear-20 to +80
SLR-030210-4033mm Green Round LEDDatasheetDetails
16250 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm60Green57060Green Diffused -20 to +80