3mm White Round LED (4 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSPackegPackage / CaseLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorViewing AngleLens ColorOperating Temperature Range
L934PWC3mm White Round LEDDatasheetDetails
247 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm600White35Water Clear-20 to +80
SLR-03NWT0-6503mm White Round LEDDatasheetDetails
32400 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm6500White60Water Clear-20 to +80
SLR-03WW40-670-H3mm White Round LEDDatasheetDetails
800 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm12000White30Water Clear-20 to +80
SLR-03WW40-690-H3mm White Round LEDDatasheetDetails
1240 In Stock
Min 5
sharlightROHSThrough Hole3mm25000White15Water Clear-20 to +80