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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerROHSThreshold Voltage (V)Mounting StylePackegPackage / CaseOutput Current (A)Supply Voltage - Min (V)Supply Voltage - Max (V)Output TypeOutput Voltage (V)Output Power (W)Detaction Voltage range (V)Hysteresis (V)Output form
KA723Precision Voltage RegulatorDatasheetDetails
25 In Stock
Min 1
GSROHSThrough HoleDIP-140.1540positive
L7805CVVoltage Regulator 5V 1.5ADatasheetDetails
4800 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSThrough HoleTO-2201.5 35positive5
L7806CVVoltage Regulator 6V 1.5ADatasheetDetails
40 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSThrough HoleTO-2201.5 35positive6
L7806CV.Voltage Regulator 6V 1.5ADatasheetDetails
900 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSThrough HoleTO-2201.5 35positive6
L7808LVVoltage Regulator 8V 1.5ADatasheetDetails
1700 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSThrough HoleTO-2201.5 35positive8
L78M05CDTVoltage Regulator 5V 500mADatasheetDetails
230 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSThrough HoleDPAK0.535positive5
LM723CNHigh precision voltage regulatorDatasheetDetails
150 In Stock
Min 1
STROHSThrough HoleDIP-140.1540positive2-37V
MC33269DT-3.3GLow Dropout Voltage RegulatorDatasheetDetails
120 In Stock
Min 1
S-81233SGUPPrecision Voltage RegulatorDatasheetDetails
3837 In Stock
Min 1
TNY278PNAC/DC Converters 85-265 VACDatasheetDetails
665 In Stock
Min 1
Power IntegrationROHSThrough HoleDIP-826510
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