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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleThreshold Voltage (V)PackegPackage / CaseSupply Voltage - Min (V)Supply Voltage - Max (V)
ADM692ANSupervisory CircuitsDatasheetDetails
26 In Stock
Min 1
ADThrough Hole4.450PDIP-84.55.5
DS1232LP+Microprocessor MonitorDatasheetDetails
100 In Stock
Min 1
MAXIMThrough Hole4.62PDIP-85.52
MAX6302CSAMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuits
300 In Stock
Min 1
MAX690CPAMicroprocessor Supervisory CircuitsDatasheetDetails
298 In Stock
Min 1
MAXIMThrough Hole1.350PDIP-84.755.5
MAX811TEUS-TVoltage SupervisoryDatasheetDetails
3700 In Stock
Min 1
MC34064P-5GUnderVoltage Sensing DatasheetDetails
220 In Stock
Min 1
ONThrough Hole4.592000TO-92-3 (TO-226)-110
SP690ACPMicroprocessor Supervisory with Battery Switch-OverDatasheetDetails
50 In Stock
Min 1
SIPEXThrough Hole4.6550PDIP-84.755.5
STM809MWX6FSupervisory Circuits 4.38V Reset 
Out of stock
Min 1